As we have just celebrated International Woman’s Day, my mind thought a lot about the kind of woman I wish to be. I thought about the kind of woman I am, whether I feel like it or not or whether others acknowledge my value or not- all because of Jesus. Jesus sees me a certain way and calls me things that other people may not. I need to focus on, accept, believe what Jesus says above all other opinion. It is sad that we have to have an International Woman’s Day but the reason we do is because we haven’t been seen or appreciated the way we should. Even amongst ourselves as women. So, this day had me going back to recentre and reposition myself with the one who created me and has a purpose for my life.

We have much to celebrate as daughters of the King. He celebrates us and that is truly all that matters.

In the story in Mark 5:25-34, the woman with the issue of blood had for years been left in shame. Society didn’t hold her in high regard or value. Even as she went to Jesus, although she wanted a touch from him, she didn’t want him to know she was there. She was shamed and unseen. Yet, in a crowd full of people, Jesus calls her out of her shame and renames her- He calls her daughter. This was a lifechanging moment for her. She finally stood tall after 12 years and everyone around her had to see it and accept it. Christ knew her whole story and in the moment of releasing the word “daughter” from His lips, invited her into an intimate relationship that said “you are accepted, you are valued, you are loved.” This is a lifechanging moment for any of us who dare to accept what Jesus calls us above all others. We may be mistreated, ignored, abused, held back and held down, hidden, but Jesus sees us and calls us out. Whenever we accept His name for us, we can walk tall and everyone notices. We have much to celebrate as daughters of the King. He celebrates us and that is truly all that matters.

When we root ourselves in this position in Him- daughters who are accepted, valued and loved- we can then live out our purpose and calling wherever we have been placed. When I read through the Proverbs 31:10-31 passage, there is so much female worth and value that is celebrated. Beyond all that she is honoured for- all the things she does, there is all that she is. She is dignified. She is strength. She wears it like clothing. She is wisdom. She is kindness. It flows from her lips. She is blessed. Children testify to that.

Ladies, sisters, friends, “daughters” we are blessed with all that God has put inside us to do and be- all for His glory. No one can change that. Let’s continue to listen to the name(s) He has given us. It keeps us strong in our faith and helps us to leave a legacy to the next generation. When I read 2 Timothy 1:5 I am reminded that who we are – what we allow to live in us and through us- gets passed on. Pass on the story of a woman who believed that she was who Jesus said she was. Nothing and no one less.