Any of us who like a good movie, no matter the genre, are expecting there to be plot twists, suspense and adventure. In a romance or comedy, thriller/horror or family friendly movies, we know that we are going to go through laughter and sadness and a mix of many emotions and experiences. We like some scenes more than we enjoy others. We always know that each scene is connected to the other and you may miss very important parts of the story, if you take any scene out.

Isn’t that what life is like? Life would be very boring, if it was missing adventure and if there were no surprises. There would be no learning without challenges. Happy endings come out of sadness and disappointment.

Sometimes my life story has been a real comedy. Each scene filled with moments that have kept me laughing. Things you couldn’t plan or make up if you tried. Scenes that have reminded me not to take life too seriously and not to sweat the small stuff. Sometimes it has been a real comedy of errors and the laughter has kept me from crying.

Like in the movies, we don’t leave in the middle, well most of us don’t. We want to see the end because we are expecting things to turn out.

Life has also taken me through adventures, some scenes have had me holding my breath and screaming like on a roller coaster, where I have wanted to get off the ride but coming to the end, realizing I would go back on and do it again. At other times I have realized that this is not the ride for me, and although glad I had the experience, I would not choose to do it again, like ziplining!

My dad’s diagnosis with cancer has certainly been filled with adventure and suspense and yes, also some horror. There have been very many plot twists. We have had many ups and downs. Doctors have expected and planned for one thing and God has done another. I am so thankful for that. I am grateful that God is with us in every adventure and every scene. He is connecting every detail, to write and tell His story of faithfulness in our lives. Our very scary scene has moved to one of stability. We can calm down for now and enjoy where we are at the moment. The “movie” is not over but we are expecting however and whenever it ends, that we will see the good in it all. Although there have been some unexpected times, I would not take anything out because I would miss seeing and hearing God at work.

One of the realities of living in our broken world is that good and bad experiences are guaranteed. Most things in life don’t happen in the way or time we want and as Jesus often does, He takes an everyday experience like watching a movie and turns it to reveal a deeper truth. Like in the movies, we don’t leave in the middle, well most of us don’t. We want to see the end because we are expecting things to turn out. We might be afraid and experience some fear, but we stay because we know the good ones win. My response to the movies, and perhaps you are like me – is sometimes I close my eyes and peek through my fingers, or ask someone to tell me when the scary part is over, sometimes I gasp and squeeze hard on someone’s hand. Let’s have a similar response to what is unfolding in our lives. Let’s close our eyes in prayer; Let’s peek through the trouble and look to God; Let’s rely on the family of faith to take us through the scary parts, but most of all, to let us hold on and move to security in Jesus. Let’s stay in connection with the one who will take us to a happy ending. Our God promises to never leave us. He promises to work all things together for good. He promises to complete what He has started. Wherever you are in the journey and story with God- In the suspense and adventure, in the plot twists, in the comedy- lean in and learn…And enjoy. It will be good because the Good God is in it.

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