As we took one step out of 2020 and one step into 2021 all at the same moment, I was filled with gratitude for the presence of God that was with me and has been with me. God carried me through the past year and I choose to pray in the New Year believing that God will do the same. I am believing the same God to take me through the next 365 days of 2021. In one moment in time the year changed but God didn’t.

In the moment that the clock struck 12 did you feel any different? Was the instantaneous change from one year into the other met with a reality that things suddenly and miraculously got better?  I don’t know about you but as the year end approached, I was left with the actual fact that just because a date changed didn’t mean that life would, at least not so fast. We are still in a global pandemic. We were hoping for things to get better but instead we entered into the “new” in the state of a lockdown. The news that continues to unfold does not bring hope for better days to come. All the things that were promised as a “fix” to our pandemic problem are only causing more problems and questions. And the pandemic is only one of life’s problems.

Life still goes on. We are in this perpetual state of-“as you were”.  There are still people hungry. There are still people sick. There are still people trying to make ends meet. There are people still in unhealthy relationships. There are still people in need for so many reasons. We are still a broken world in need of help- God’s help. 

God carried me through the past year and I choose to pray in the New Year believing that God will do the same. I am believing the same God to take me through the next 365 days of 2021.

My help comes from God- the maker of heaven and earth. How about you? I put my trust in God alone. How about you? I rest in the one whose word is truth. How about you? I choose joy? How about you? As the world spins around in the year cycle, change in inevitable and yet that is what is familiar and sometimes very uncomfortable. The one who doesn’t change is in whom I find my comfort. I can climb up into His lap and let Him handle the very world He created and spoke into order. The chaos that may appear in my life is up to Him to order and guess what- it is not difficult for Him. He calls me to cast my cares on him. He calls me to trust him with all my heart and not rely on my understanding. His word shines His light on my way- around every corner- up every step hill-through every storm. I can depend on God to never leave me. He is forever faithful.

Good and bad comes and goes in our day to day living.  I should not be surprised by this as God was kind enough to tell me that in this world, I would have trouble. But He was also gracious and loving enough to remind me that I am an overcomer because He was-He is! You are not alone this year, just as you weren’t in the last years. God is behind you with infinite power. Because he is with you, you are walking into endless possibilities. Keep looking up. Keep your faith. He is around you preparing boundless opportunity.  What we focus on determines if our year is a good or bad one.  Yes 2020 has surprised us and brought some negativity and unexpected challenges. But in every year, there is surprise and unexpected change. You might be accepting the lie that there has been nothing good that has come out of this year but I challenge you to look again and to take inventory. Count your blessings and let God reveal truth to you about how good He has been. In every year there is both prosperity and pain. This year, like those that have passed, has the potential of possibilities and challenges that are either good or bad. We have a choice in either to praise God and learn to trust him whatever comes, whenever it comes. The safest place in this unknown world is to be in the Lord. Keep your eyes on him and you will not be shaken.