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I felt the coaching was unbiased. The support was necessary; it’s easy to feel alone when things are not the way that you want them to be. The support also help me to get out of my own way. It helped me realize where I was having the difficulty and where I needed to improve. I felt safe and not judged for some of the thoughts that I had but reassured and guided.

I felt the meetings help us communicate better. It helped us approach God differently about our relationship then what we previously had done. I feel like we were able to resolve some things and also knowing that going forward not everything can be resolved and how to be okay with that. Good sounding board.

Shireen was open and honest and allowed us to be comfortable to share so that we can pick apart what was really going on instead of just complaining about a whole bunch of things. Shireen was understanding and empathetic which really helped when it came to hearing each other out. Loved it so much, I referred some friends.

Shireen’s personality works really well for couples, especially couples in Ministry just because of her relationship with God. She is able to understand the different dynamics of being in leadership. She is really able to get real and see through pain, anger, and frustration differently than going to other counselors who are not well Adept with Ministry life. ā€“ From S&C

I feel grateful for our connection. I believe the first 2 sessions have been an introduction to our therapeutic rapport. I can say your active listening and empathy have helped to build trust and vulnerability. Iā€™m noticing that your sessions tend to be flexible by leaving room to discuss whatever comes up in the session. ā€” From D.C.

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Mrs. Spencer was introduced to us at a time in our marriage when we needed strength, compassion, and firm structure – someone who would call us out, as it were on the things that we should be analyzing for lifetime changes.

She has a no nonsense approach that serves well for those couples who are serious about moving forward and doing the work, yet she is prayerful, compassionate and cares about the saving of marriages first and foremost.

Our sessions will definitely continue as I believe there is more in store for us, based on what God had placed in her, and, let me just add that it is the first time my husband has ever moved into a consistent season of deliberate action and change! ā€” From S&A

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Shireen Spencer is available to minister the Word, to officiate at weddings and funerals, and lead in your song service. Gifted and passionate, Shireen's desire is to connect others to God's presence.
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