My son was asked to give a testimony and we have never heard him share. It was after he had come from a youth retreat. We asked him what he was going to share and he said he didn’t know. When he got up to speak, he shared about going through a hard month and not really feeling God, but he realized as he thought about it, that God was with him in his hard month. He spoke about looking back and realizing that although the month had challenges, that he made it through. What he had prayed for, God brought the answer. For my son, it was exam time and there were some subjects that were hard for us all! We thank God that he completed the courses. It may not have gone as we would have wanted, but he got the credits and we can truly say that God gave the victory. As I was listening to my son speak, I learned a lesson. The lesson is this: we can miss success in the struggle.

But if we only focus on the dark, we miss the light that breaks through.

I have just gone through a season of an attack on my health. This season has also been a fully booked ministry season as well. There have been times that I was really uncertain about how I was even going to keep my ministry commitments as cancelling was not an option for me! God did not remove the struggle and in fact, I am still going through remnants of health issues although I am much better than when the month began. But every ministry commitment I had, was filled and God blessed the times we had together. I am so glad that I did not miss the success in the struggle. God did not take me out of having to suffer, but He did show the enemy that His strength was made perfect in my weakness. So many were praying for me. So many prayed with me and cursed the spirit of infirmity and although I looked for and hoped for healing to show up in a certain way, it didn’t. Yet every day that I had to minister, God gave me strength. I rested the other days and hours and had enough grace gifted to me to last the times I needed.

This month was filled with pain, swelling, fever and more, in my body. There was loss of loved ones and much grief to process. There was struggle to get to desired end results with studies and things that I had to get done. But if we only focus on the dark, we miss the light that breaks through. There are so many challenges we experience that try to hide that we are more than conquerors. They make us believe that we are not moving forward, yet when we stop and take inventory, we find that we are succeeding. Not only are we moving forward, we have moved forward in spite of what has tried to stop us.

God is the only one that can do this for us. In fact, God specializes in creating success in every struggle. He works all things together for good. Even when life doesn’t look like we thought, He answers our prayers. What has been your success in your struggles? Look for them. They are there. God will always make sure of that! God with us, is always with us! We are always successful in Him.

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