Sometimes the things we need, that we don’t even know we need, just show up and become big blessings!!!

I don’t work outside of the home everyday. When I do, it is a pretty early start. It usually can work with bus drop off times for my son in high-school. This day he needed to go catch an earlier bus and threw me off my morning routine schedule. I didn’t have time for breakfast or to make lunch! But God!

God was ahead of me. Already had everything planned and taken care of.

He feeds the sparrows and knows exactly what we need! When I arrived in the classroom i was teaching in, there was a note left by the teacher to let me know she had a kettle and tea, snacks and cold drinks in the mini fridge, directing me to help myself! I love tea and this would warm me and wake me up. The school snack for this day was samosas and clementines. Voila! Lunch is served! This may seem small and insignificant, but to me, it just shows how intimate and aware God is. I didn’t need to leave the building and use the limited lunch time trying to figure anything out! My heart was fully aware of God’s blessing to me in this very practical example.

God was ahead of me. Already had everything planned and taken care of. Mathew 6 reminds us, He takes care of the birds and sparrows…how much more will He do for us? God is in the little things. It also makes me think of this Easter season, Romans 5 reminds us, that while we were yet still sinners Christ died for us! He didn’t wait for us to figure out we were in need of His help. He took care of what needed being done. This is no small thing. God is in the big things!

God is in everything. He is ahead of us. He is for us. He is with us.
I know I need Him. Do you? I don’t know everything I will need as I journey life, but He does! There has certainly been, and will certainly be more difficult and urgent needs in my life. Big or small, known or unknown, God shows up with blessings. He provides in miraculous ways. He is always at work and we are never forgotten. I am just amazed at how He reminds us of His love and presence. May we never miss His blessings as they are revealed to us. His gifts are worth noticing!