When I think about the burdens I carry, the load I bear is too much
Then I turn my eyes towards heaven and raise my voice in prayer
I hear the Saviour tell me to come and cast my care on Him
He whispers tenderly to me, My child I am with you, there is no need to fear
You cannot make it through anything alone –
Come. Give. Take from me what you desperately need.

So, I give it to Him the one on the Throne

Inspired by Matthew 11:28-29

I am carrying too much. My hands are so full they can’t be lifted in openness and freedom towards heaven. In this moment, the whisper of God’s voice speaks to me. He tenderly calls. Come to me not just to receive but to give – give me your burdens, give me your hurts, give me your doubts, give me your pain, give me your lack, give me you. You will not lose. I have my best for you. Lay your burdens down and lift your heart and gaze heavenly. You will not go away empty handed. You will go away with more than you came, yet it will not be a load. I have gifts of healing, answers, abundance, hope, joy, peace and rest. I have Me. I am more than enough to give to you. I have nothing to lose and you have everything to gain. Simply come. Come to Me and let’s make an exchange.

He is my hope. He gives strength. If I let Him, He carries me on this road of great length. Each step I take where I cannot see, I must trust the One who is working in me. I must trust His plan. I must trust His way.
I give all my needs over to You. They are better in Your hands, Lord. You know what to do.