As I was driving today, I passed a lady who was at the bus stop waiting for her bus. What caught my attention was how focused she was, looking in the direction that she expected the bus to come from. She had her head turned and her gaze was set. She did not take her eyes off of where she was looking and nothing distracted her. She knew what she was waiting on. She knew where it was coming from and she set her intention to look for it.

The Lord spoke to me in this moment. “Keep your eyes set on me and let nothing else catch your attention.”

We often quote the scripture found in Psalm 121:1-2:
“I lift up my eyes to the mountains- where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Is this just a nice scripture to quote or do we really believe it and mean what we say? As we wait for what we expect, do we keep our eyes on the one we expect to receive from? Or do we start looking elsewhere still expecting to receive what could only come from the one who promised?

The Lord spoke to me in this moment. “Keep your eyes set on me and let nothing else catch your attention.”

Our eyes are to be lifted up. God is found higher than we tend to look and higher than our circumstances. Our eyes are to be set to gaze on who and where our help comes from not on our situation. A mountain is elevated. We elevate our gaze to see an elevated God. In lifting our eyes up toward God, we declare complete trust. Lifting our eyes to God is a biblical image of staying in a place of prayer. There is no doubt in our minds God is coming to get us, to meet us, to take us to our destination.

That lady I saw expected her bus and knew that there was no point looking the opposite way as if she missed it or it passed her. She kept looking right where she needed to be, without doubt and with certainty and with a readiness to be ready for when it pulled up.

I am waiting on the Lord to take me to a place He promised. I know that my help comes from him. I was reminded in this moment of that fact, no matter how long it may seem to be taking. There is only one way to turn my attention. There is only one direction to look. My help comes from the Lord. He is coming to take me to where He has promised and to keep His promise. I haven’t missed Him. He hasn’t passed me. I need to keep looking up. How about you? Keep your eyes looking above your circumstances to the elevated God who will do great things. That is the right direction. He is the right direction.