I stood at the top of the stairs and all I could see was a trail of liquid that went from my kitchen to my front door. My husband was taking the garbage out but unfortunately, he was also creating more of a mess. He didn’t see that the bag was leaking and wherever he went it, left evidence. When he came back in, my son who was standing at the front door and myself who was at the opposite end of the hallway, tried to show my husband the mess. We were trying to make sure that he didn’t walk back into it and get his socks wet or dirty. We were trying to make sure he didn’t spread the mess. It was gross and I didn’t want any more of it anywhere in the house. I wanted it cleaned up. No matter what we described, no matter where we tried to guide him to or from, he just wasn’t seeing it! For some reason, he wasn’t able to follow the directions that he needed.

It made me stop to think about clarity. What is needed to see, what we need to see. What is needed to see what God is showing us?

Seeing clearly can happen in every season. It might be harder in some, however God is the one who makes our way clear.

When I was younger there was a song that used to play on the radio.
The verse first went like this “I can see clearly now the rain is gone-I can see all obstacles in my way-Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind-It’s gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiny day…”

Many of us think that it is something that we perceive as negative that prevents us from seeing. When there is bad weather or bad experiences, rain, obstacles, dark clouds and the like, we think we can’t see clearly. We relate seeing, to the sun or brightness or what makes us feel good and warms our hearts. Yet I would like to suggest that we can see in any environment or experience if we have the right perspective, position and passion or purpose.

When my husband couldn’t see, he was standing right in the way of sunshine. The sun was shining so bright and from where he was, the light had actually blinded him. I was standing in a different position and although I was still experiencing the light, it wasn’t blinding me. It wasn’t too bright from where I was standing and it shed the same light in a different way and place for me.

Have you ever been looking at the same thing and yet not seeing the same thing? This is why eye witness accounts to the same accident will have different ways of sharing what they saw. This is why we have the 4 books of the New Testament sharing the story of Jesus but the details are different. They have different perspectives because of the angle their minds, eyes and ears take information in. They have entered the stories at a different time and place. My husband was looking ahead and focussed on what was in front of him as he took out the garbage. I had a different angle. My perspective was from behind him. I entered this incident at a different time and place. He wasn’t originally looking at what I was looking at. It came as a surprise to him and he wasn’t ready. It may have looked obvious to me that he should have seen it but that was not his reality. We had different positions and perspectives.

Once I saw what was happening, I wanted it fixed. Once we told my husband what had happened, he wanted nothing to do with it. Lol. I was passionate about clean up. I looked for every last trace of garbage to make sure there was none left behind. There was a purpose to my mission. Passion and purpose drives us to seeing better what we would miss.

In all of life and especially with our relationship with God, our position in Him is important. Are we close to God in prayer? Are we living in obedience? Are we on a firm foundation in Jesus? Are we reading His Word? Our position in Christ determines what and how well we see.

When God reveals truth to us, do we allow His Word to change our perspective? Do we start looking at situations the way God does or do we continue to use our wisdom or opinion or fight for our own way? Perspective has to be God led and given and even if it wasn’t what we originally thought, if we want to move forward in freedom, we have to look at everything God shows us. Our hearts will only see clearly if we are passionate about knowing God and seeing God. If we seek Him on purpose, we will find Him. Desire for the things of God, even if it involves change and clean-up, will keep us moving in purpose.

Seeing clearly can happen in every season. It might be harder in some, however God is the one who makes our way clear. Stand on His promises. Let His Word be a light on your path and let the mind of Christ lead. May God be your treasure. Where your treasure is, is where the heart will follow. God’s ways are clear. When we follow them, we have clarity that only gets clearer.