Written by Shireen

Interview with WDCX
(May 10, 2021)

Shireen was interviewed by WDCX Radio (Buffalo) and had the chance to share about her two books, “I Still Say, I Do”, and “Big Challenges, Even Bigger God”. Give it a listen!

I Still Say, I Do

On the day we get married, life looks perfect. We dream of wedding bliss. Our vows are said with such conviction and promise. We mean them with all of our hearts. After all, our marriages are going to be the most wonderful story.

then life hits and the storms come and our wedding day can seem like a distant memory. How do we keep saying “I do” and not “I don’t” or “I can’t”? Life can be hard, but our marriages don’t have to be.

Sharing their own story of difficulty and coming face to face with the reality of each vow, Che and Shireen share how their dependence on God kept them saying “I do” through each season of marriage. With God on their side, their marriage was made stronger. Just as strongly as they repeated the words “I do” on a beautiful June day all those years ago, they still say “I do” today–and you can too!

Be sure to watch Shireen & Che’s interview about their book,  on Come Chat with Dean and Jacquie. 

Big Challenges, Even Bigger God

When things are going from bad to worse can we still live in joy and see God at work in our lives? In her book, Shireen shows that it is possible, sharing her own hard-learned understanding hat, while life is hard, God is good.

“Shireen Spencer passionately and brilliantly epitomizes that truth that life does not have to be perfect to be fulfilling.”

– Richard J. Brown

Be sure to watch Shireen’s interview about this book on The 700 Club Canada show.

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