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Inspiring people to be intentional about knowing God through connection with His Word, Worship and Working Relationships.

Rev. Shireen Spencer is a Church of the Nazarene credentialed minister who has served since 2005, working to connect people to God through the Word, Worship and Working Relationships. Shireen has pastored in two different churches working with youth, families and couples; leading worship, choirs and preaching. She is expanding her ministry to work with churches and Christian organizations in the areas of speaking, worship leading, and working with couples.


Through Shireen’s genuine, vulnerable and open messages – filled with personal stories – she inspires people to:

  • Live the reality of their present moments and see God working
  • Find peace joy and strength in challenging and painful times
  • Learn how their thoughts can be transformed so their lives can be too
  • Recognize God has a purpose in everything

Scripture is important because it helps us see, hear and understand God and also ourselves more. If we spent more time with the Word of God we would have more victorious experiences and stories
to share.

“The word of God is living and active. Sharper than any two edged sword…” – Hebrews 4:12.

Shireen has done pulpit supply and various itinerant pastor ministries, or has been a guest speaker in many churches in Southern Ontario across denominations.


Worship is more than a song. It is a lifestyle. Music in worship speaks to so many and crosses borders that sometimes language differences cannot. Shireen believes that God uses her while leading worship and providing special music to help others choose to worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 2:24) and to offer themselves completely to God as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing as their spiritual act of worship (Romans 12:1).

Music has been a part of Shireen’s life since she was a little girl. She started ministering in music with her sister from the young age of ten years old. She has been doing solos since then for churches and various occasions and celebrations across denominations – Methodist, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Baptist, Anglican, Presbyterian as well as non-denomination, to name a few.
Shireen has ministered with the Jubilance singers and Orchestra through which she has had the privilege of ministering in parts of Europe. Also, she was a part of Toronto Mass Choir for nearly ten years.

Ladies’ retreats, couple’s retreats, community meetings and even a week of revival meetings in Chicago are among a few arenas that Shireen has had experience in leading worship or bringing special music ministry.

Working Relationships


Wedding Pricing & Packages

Simple Ceremony

Choose from pre-designed ceremonies

  • A Simple Ceremony with the completion of all legal documents and 50 KM of free travel (Add $100 for outside of GTA)
  • Availability – during the Wedding Season (April – November)
  • Requirements – A valid marriage licence & two witnesses
  • Guests – No limit
  • Venue – The venue of your choice

Excellent package

  • One “face to face” consult meeting
  • Unlimited phone, text, e-mail
  • Access to extraordinary ceremony preparation resources
  • Officiating at the venue of your choice
  • 200 KM of travel included (worth $150)
  • Processing and completion of all marriage documents

Exceptional Package

  • Two “face to face” consult meetings (optional)
  • Unlimited phone, text, e-mail contact
  • Access to extraordinary ceremony preparation resources
  • Officiating at the venue of your choice
  • Thursday or Friday rehearsal included (worth $150)
  • 400 km of travel included (worth $300)
  • Processing and completion of all marriage documents
  • Shireen’s Gift –Complimentary Couple Assessment

Elite Package

  • Unlimited “face to face” consult meetings
  • Unlimited phone, text, e-mail contact
  • Access to extraordinary ceremony preparation resources
  • Marriage coaching – Shireen is a certified pre-marriage coach
  • 4 sessions of marriage coaching included (worth $400)
  • Officiating at the venue of your choice
  • Rehearsal on the day of your choice (worth $150)
  • 600 km of travel included (worth $450)
  • Processing and completion of all marriage documents
  • Shireen’s Gift –Complimentary Couple Assessment


    $80 per session, or $300 for a plan of 5 sessions.


    Celebration of Life

    Officiant fees for funerals range between $250-$350.
    Considerations: Location, mileage, and if officiating over internment is required.

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    Marriage + Relationships

    Whether it is marriage or just family and friendships, we all enjoy life better when we get along! It is in these relationships we experience the love of God and share his love. We have got to keep them healthy. Shireen has a passion to help people navigate the challenges and coach them on a journey of success.

    In marriage situations, she coaches and cheers couples on to success along the journey. In women’s ministry, she seeks to help navigate the hurts in life and come out stronger through forgiveness and surrender; through belief that we are valuable and all have a story to tell.

    Shireen is trained with Prepare and Enrich, and provides marriage coaching. Che and Shireen are both Marriage Mentors trained with Family Life Canada. Shireen and her husband has lead Marriage Mentorship groups for over two years, and have led various marriage retreats and weekends for churches and organizations. Couples’ date nights such as Valentine’s Dinner and Movie events are among some fun gatherings they have had the pleasure of organizing and leading.

    She is available to perform wedding ceremonies as a trained officiant (currently totaling over 50 weddings); as well as celebrating lives by performing funerals.

    Life Coaching

    Purpose Connection Life Coaching

    Life is made of relationships. Healthy relationships are vital to a healthy life. One of our most important relationships is our relationship with God. God loves you and has called you to a life of purpose. He created good things in advance for you alone to walk in.

    I will come alongside you, to help you find God’s given purpose for you and the things you have been through, so that you can live a full, joyful life of purpose. I will show you spiritual disciplines that will help you to move closer to God, stay close to God and help you continually move forward in your spiritual growth and living your God given purpose.

    God has created us to be in relationship with others. Healthy relationships creates healthy societies, communities, churches and families. Through teaching, pastoring, being a wife and parenting, I have spent many years and have had lots of training helping others to bring the most to and take the most out of their relationships.

    Through experiences of trauma, disloyalty, betrayal, loss and sickness I have lived a life  of choosing forgiveness and joy as my foundation and pillars for what makes me strong enough to bring health to my relationships. I can help you do the same

    Celebration of Life

    Losing a loved one is always hard. I help to make things easier on your heart and mind by creating a warm and memorable celebration of the life and love you shared. I guide you through the preparation of a service and deliver a ceremony that will help to bring comfort.

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    Shireen Spencer is available to minister the Word, to officiate at weddings and funerals, and lead in your song service. Gifted and passionate, Shireen's desire is to connect others to God's presence.
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