Hindsight is always clearer than foresight. As the saying goes “hindsight is 20/20. I was asked the question recently what is God teaching you in these days? The answer flowed from my lips as if I had expected to be asked this question and taken a long time to think about and meditate on it. It was as clear as day to me in that moment. God has been teaching me about a quicker obedience. In the moment the question was asked, I was sitting in a place where I felt I was watching a movie unfold right before my eyes. Let me tell you about it.

I don’t exactly know what God is doing and where He is leading, but I do know that there are no coincidences. I have learned to pay attention to the sense of change in my spirit and to just say yes and let God lead.

In 2020 I had taken an internship with Gather Women. It was a year of growth for me as I embraced the world of technology with a little more openness and confidence. There were things that we were asked to do that I would never have chosen to do on my own. Because of COVID and the restrictions that it has caused, we had to pivot a lot. I was able to learn how to reach more people through technology, having to do video messages and conferences online. I took on the challenge of leading a team create curriculum and to lead an online Bible Study. I answered yes to the challenge of writing a blog. There were so many things in 2020 to which I said “yes”. In the last three months of 2020, there were some events and opportunities that presented themselves to me. I had decided that I was going to continue my learning and took a course that then challenged me to do a 30 Day IG live. I had no idea what I was going to talk about for 30 days but wanted to grow. So, I chose to speak on a topic I am passionate about. Joy. I called it Joy Connection. I invited others to dialogue with me and turned most of my challenge into live interview segments having discussions with people on how choosing joy affects their lives. When my 30 days were completed many asked if I was going to continue. I had learned a lot about myself rising to challenges that I dreamed of doing but had always found a reason to deny. In my “yes”, I learned that I love writing and that I loved being part of a “talk show” type experience. I saw a contest to be host for a day for a show and applied. I had to create a video segment to submit. I was not chosen for it but the fact that I said “yes” stirred something in my heart that fueled excitement and fulfillment. I was watching myself take risks and enjoying the journey. I have continued to do my Joy Connection once a week and I am surprised by how much engagement there has been.

One day I happened to look in my junk mail and there was message asking me a question that came as a total surprise! It was God that directed me to my junk mail or I would have missed it! It was after 9 in the evening when I read and responded. I was asked to Cohost on a longstanding Christian TV program! I immediately wrote back “YES”.

Fast forward, I was asked the question what is God showing me only 3 days ago. God has been working behind the scenes in me and around me, preparing me and blessing me in my “yes”. I was not saying “yes” to only opportunities and experiences but to God. I was joining God willingly in what He wanted to do in me and for me. I was not chosen for the contest I entered because God already had a different plan that was an even bigger opportunity for me. He was training me. He had been preparing me.

I had whispered a prayer to God a while time ago about wanting to host a real talk show, and in the future, maybe have my own someday. Even in praying that prayer, I was surprised by my desire and request. But it was God who put that desire in my heart. I don’t exactly know what God is doing and where He is leading, but I do know that there are no coincidences. I have learned to pay attention to the sense of change in my spirit and to just say yes and let God lead. I have learned to pay attention to the signs and trust God even when I am not entirely comfortable. I have learned to be very aware of what I pray for. I may forget but God does not and brings about answers even when they are long in coming.

I am looking back on what I have prayed and there is a real excitement rising. Look out world. God is about to do something in me, through me and for me. I am not going to miss it. I am positioned with my yes! I am choosing obedience without excuse. I have learned that with a quicker obedience comes quicker peace, joy, fulfillment and blessing. God has put a lot of BIG desires and requests on my heart and in my lips. I am dreaming again without limitation because God has shown me that in obedience to Him nothing is impossible!
What have you prayed about that God is reminding you He is answering…now? What has God been showing you, that if you just open your eyes and look up, it will be very clear to you?

Remember scripture that God has spoken that reminds you that obedience brings God’s outcome and blessing. Remember scripture that confirms that God has a plan and what he starts he finishes. We get to be part of what God will bring to pass. Remember there are works you were created to do. You have a purpose! Deuteronomy 28:1-2, Philippians 1:6, and Ephesians 2:10. God keeps his word and we can wait with expectancy as we choose obedience, that it will be fulfilled. Will you join me in choosing to obey sooner? God knows what He is doing.